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We believe that all good things start with connections, just as the value of data does.

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Weline's goal in the Web3 era is to build a new business ecosystem that integrates data, networks, and applications based on distributed network infrastructure, facilitating connections between people and between people and the world

What is Weline

Weline is an application

By integrating distributed networks and applications into the Weline series of hardware products, we help users build personal, family, and enterprise data and network centers, ensuring secure and reliable storage & circulation of personal and corporate data within a decentralized network.

Weline is an ecosystem

Weline aspires to build an open community ecosystem centered around "coconstruction, co-sharing, and cogovernance" with all users and partners. By harnessing the power of a globally connected distributed network, we endeavor to create value for every participant within the ecosystem.


We believe that all good things start with connections, just as
the value of data does.

Product for the Web3 Era Based on distributed network infrastructure, connecting individuals and the world
Decentralized, high-speed, secure, reliable
Realization of Data Value Data storage, data transactions, data assetization
Data and Network Center Personal/Family/Enterprise Data Center, high usability, seamless experience
Open Community Ecosystem Co-construction, co-sharing, co-governance
App / DApp, supports various scenarios

Customers Evaluations

Adaptable to various application scenarios


Data asset storage, transactions


Smart home, Internet of Things, Connected cars


Free networking, secure, instant messaging

Edge Computing

Edge computing, edge-cloud collaboration, big data, A


Data trading, paid sharing, real/virtual goods


App / DApp

Why VPN Services

By adopting SDVN (Software Defined Virtual Network) technology, Weline has achieved encrypted data transmission between users and devices, effectively preventing privacy leaks during internet transmission.
To achieve this security goal, the Weline client and server will activate the built-in VPN service of the operating system.

Weline uses VPN solely to provide encryption services for communication between the Weline App and Weline devices. We absolutely do not and technically cannot monitor your other network activities,
such as visited websites, used applications, and sent and received emails, so please use it with confidence.

Global Network Accessibility

Break through restrictions, access the internet from any location in the world

High-Intensity Encrypted Communication

Guard against eavesdropping, ensure encrypted data is only readable by the intended recipient

Privacy Protection Against Tracking

Prevent information leaks by using Weline devices as internet access points

High-Security Access Restrictions

Strictly limit, authorize access to data and network resources in Weline devices