Powerfull Features

We believe that all good things start with connections, just as the value of data does.

Embrace your own private, secure network

"Wind may enter, rain may enter, but the king may not"
- Dutch Proverb

With Weline, effortlessly build your private network, a safe haven separate from the physical internet. Members and devices within the private network can freely communicate, no matter where they are in the world. Most importantly, access to this private network is granted only to those with permission.


Sacred and Inviolable Data Ownership

"Private property is sacred and inviolable"
- John Locke

In the era of Web3, the definition of private property has transcended tangible assets and extended into the realm of virtual digital assets. Weline is dedicated to protecting personal data security and ensuring the respect of information sovereignty. Within the Weline ecosystem, users can store their personal data in exclusive hardware devices, exercising full control over data usage permissions, including creation, editing, reading, and execution. This empowers the ownership and potential value of the data to return to the hands of its creators.


Unleashing the Potential Value of Data

"Wealth grows where men exert energy."
- Aristotle

Weline makes true sovereignty over personal data a reality. Users can authorize their data to be used by individuals or organizations in need through Weline for compensation. As data flows between owners and users, the value generated will be returned to the data owners. It's worth emphasizing that in the process of data circulation and value creation, there is no control or profit-taking by traditional internet giants, and the value of data will belong entirely to its owners.


Join the Weline ecosystem, enjoy the value. Here, your participation shapes the future of Weline.

Weline has built a decentralized ecosystem, allowing everyone to find their place and value within it.

"Exchange is a win-win game, in which every participant benefits."
— Milton Friedman


As Weline users, everyone naturally becomes a consumer. In the ecosystem, they can access the digital services they need and pay the corresponding fees.

Service Providers

Weline users can also serve as service providers, offering digital services to other users in the ecosystem and receiving rewards in return. Even without creating content, your idle hardware resources can still provide services to others.

Boundaryless Participation

Weline's ecosystem is entirely open, allowing anyone to join and meet their needs.

Weline is built upon a distributed network, where management and control authority are shared among the various nodes in the network. In other words, the network's structure is not determined by a central decision-maker but is jointly shaped by all members.

“The management rule of thumb in a complex system is: delegate control whenever possible.”
- Kevin Kelly

Complete Autonomy

The rules for private networks and individual nodes are controlled by their owners and users, including permissions, data, resource types, etc. The fundamental rule provided by the ecosystem is: as long as the resource access conditions are met, anyone can access resources at any time, using any device, from any location.

Continuous Development Incentive Mechanism

Within the Weline DAO ecosystem, the general equivalent is points. Consumers pay points to service providers to acquire the needed services, and service providers receive points as rewards, thereby better stimulating organizational efficiency and facilitating value circulation.

"Diversity is the source of life, and innovation is the driving force of progress."
— Charles Darwin


A more problem-solving ecosystem will become a better one. Weline provides a comprehensive SDK integration solution and technical support for APP and DApp developers, enabling them to build various decentralized products and services using the Weline SDK more quickly, while eliminating concerns about the management costs, responsibilities, and security impacts associated with cloud and physical networks.



We offer a range of services to our partners, including industrial design and hardware design, aiming to enrich the Weline smart hardware product line. Meanwhile, the abundant resources within the ecosystem will serve as rewards for our partners.